Frank L. | Harvard University Sunday, 16 April 2023 03:17

Top Scholar College Prep helped me towards academic success when I first moved to the US in the 9th grade. I started in ELD courses, but the Top Scholar teachers and staff helped me to quickly overcome the language barrier. Under their guidance and tutoring I gained a deeper understanding of my class work and advanced to achieve high grades at school in my honors and AP classes. My Top Scholar teachers were very knowledgeable and experienced, and accommodated my unique academic needs. Top Scholar SAT teachers trained me in test prep strategy for both Math and Verbal and I improved my score by 900 points to achieve a total score of 2200! Not only did Top Scholar help me to reach a high SAT score, they also helped me strengthen my education foundation. Top Scholar is dedicated to each student’s academic progress and shares the same goal of encouraging students to realize their true potential. I will be attending Harvard and I would like to thank Top Scholar College Prep for all they have done for me in making my dream come true!