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A safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment for students
to grow academically and personally

Chino Hills 及附近學區歷史最悠久,口碑最佳,設備最新,

  • Group Class 團體班 (Grades 2-9)
  • Private Tutoring1 對 1 個別輔導(Grades 1-12)
  • English and Math Enrichment
  • Academic Support & Homework Help
  • Experienced & Caring Teachers
  • Engaging Curriculum and Materials
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College Planning

Top Scholar will guide you through every important step of the college admissions process and help you enhance your college application's competitiveness. Your admissions will be one of our success stories!

For grades 7-12
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升學輔導 7-12 年級

本校最負盛名的升學規畫輔導項目,1 對 1 量身打造學生的成功計劃,全方位增強學生的競爭力,達成進入理想大學的目標。從 2005 年至今, 本校已幫助數千學生進入包含哈佛,哥倫比亞等長春藤名校, 約翰霍普金斯, 西北, 卡内基美隆, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC,Pomona College, Wellesley, Art Center 等頂尖大學。

  • 本校獲授權可替我們的學生申請「總統義工獎」
  • 本校提供被各大學所承認的網上學分課,包含 AP 課程
  • 並有眾多義工資源與夏校科研項目可供選擇





WRO Western US Championship


Game Dates:July 22-23, 2023 / Ages:7-19

Honor Roll

Shawn L.

Univ of London (UK)

Anna T.
Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, UC Davis, UCSD, UCI

Dennis P.

CSU Poly Pomona

Johnny Z.

U Mass Amherst

Lian Y.
Rochester Institute of Tech, Rensselaer, UIUC, NYU, Georgia Tech, UCD, UCSD

Jimmy Z.


The main mission of Top Scholar College Prep is to help students gain admission to their dream college and to become lifelong learners.
Our educational philosophy encompasses various methods to discover each individual’s potential and to foster their growth. Our holistic approach teaches students to develop positive behaviors and attitudes, nurtures them to take initiative in their own learning skills and study habits, and encourages students to set goals, and to meet and exceed these goals.

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