COLLEGE COUNSELING Thursday, 20 April 2023 10:55


Our comprehensive college counseling program prepares high school students for success. Through one-on-one sessions with their own personal counselor, students will receive guidance with all aspects of the college application process including, managing their GPA, test preparation, extracurricular activities, time management, study skills, college and major selection, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and interview coaching. Students will unlock their potential to achieve their academic goals. Contact us for more information.


Program Services:

    • Counseling analysis to select a strong high school curriculum appropriate for the student, and GPA management
    • Help students address academic and life concerns by nurturing problem solving skills and developing positive attitudes and values
    • Discover student’s potential, and assist in exploring majors and career directions
    • Guide students to create study plans; monitor and encourage students to complete all projects and tasks
    • Teach students important study and time management skills, and to develop good habits
    • Create a timeline for standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT II, AP)
    • Recommendations and suggestions for extracurricular activities that are aligned with the student’s personality, interests, and goals (such as clubs, volunteer, internships, summer camps)
    • + Senior year program services


    • 輔導選課與GPA成績管理
    • 協助學生解決課業與生活上的困境 ,培養解決問題的能力和正向積極的人生觀
    • 輔導發掘專長潛能, 選擇主修和生涯發展方向
    • 輔導訂立學習計畫, 並督促和鼓勵學生完成計畫
    • 教導學生學習和時間管理的重要技巧 , 並養成良 好習慣
    • 輔導訂定所有標準化考試之時間表 (PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT II, AP)
    • 輔導訂立課外活動計畫 , 根據學生的個性 , 興趣 , 發展目的 , 提供參與社團 , 義工, 實習, 有益的夏令 營等具体建議
    • + 12年級完整大學申請服務


Senior Year Program Services:

    • Counseling analysis to choose which schools/campuses and majors to apply to
    • Create a college planning timeline, with deadlines, customized to each student
    • Academic performance reinforcement and extracurricular activities recommendations
    • Brainstorming, revising and editing of personal statements/essays
    • Advice on how to obtain great letters of recommendation (if applicable)
    • Interview coaching and practice (if applicable)
    • College application forms (including short responses)
    • Advisory for scholarships and financial aid
    • Assistance with appeal letters (if applicable)
    • Counseling analysis to help the student decide which college to attend!


    • 輔導分析選擇申請的學校與主修
    • 訂立完整計畫與時間表, 確保每一步驟準時完成
    • 提出學術成就與課外活動短期補強計畫
    • 輔導完成各大學要求的作文 (Personal Statements & Essays)
    • 輔導取得推薦信(有需要時)
    • 面談技巧訓練與問題模擬(有需要時)
    • 協助完成申請表格填寫(包含其中的短文)
    • 獎學金與財務補助諮詢
    • 協助處理申訴信件和表格(有需要時)
    • 輔導決定就讀學校