The main mission of Top Scholar College Prep is to help students gain admission to their dream college and to become lifelong learners.
Our educational philosophy encompasses various methods to discover each individual’s potential and to foster their growth. Our holistic approach teaches students to develop positive behaviors and attitudes, nurtures them to take initiative in their own learning skills and study habits, and encourages students to set goals, and to meet and exceed these goals.
Furthermore, we engage them to be independent thinkers with professional aspirations, and to become contributing members to society as well. 
With this philosophy, Top Scholar College Prep has guided countless students and parents in their understanding of the American education system and academic spirit. Our students have been accepted to many prestigious universities, and have also gone on to successful careers.


In 2005, Director Arthur Shih established Chino Hill’s first professional college preparatory institute (SAT/ACT/AP). Since then, we have been recognized as the largest and most reputable college prep and after-school program in the area. As we continue to innovate in response to educational reforms and development, we are excited and honored to announce, that as of September 2015, the name of our school has changed to “Top Scholar College Prep.”
Director Arthur Shih continues his leadership of the same administration and teaching teams to provide great quality services to students and parents. English and standardized testing materials will continue to be developed and produced by our professional educational material team, Diamond Bar Keystone Educational Publishers, Inc.
Our school has guided numerous students to achieve their academic goals in the classroom and to gain acceptance to the universities of their choice. Testimonials and positive feedback from students and parents continue to drive us to innovate and excel.
Recent major changes to education, including the implementation of “Common Core” curriculum standards, revision of the SAT and ACT tests, the increasing competitiveness of the college admissions process, have left many students and parents confused. Together with our enthusiastic and experienced educators, we will build upon our foundation, and continue our pursuit of excellence in providing the most up-to-date professional and comprehensive educational services to our students and parents.
To provide an excellent learning environment for our growing number of students, Top Scholar College Prep has relocated in January 2017 to a new facility with over 5,000 square feet of space. The new facility is located less than two miles from our previous location and is across from the beautiful English Springs Park at the intersection of Chino Hills Parkway and Grand Avenue. Our redesigned facility, with new technology, will add new dimensions to interactive learning.